"I am a recent graduate of Lehigh University who moved out to Topton  PA with my fiance and began working at Tek Park.  It was there that I  found out about and attended a presentation held by the M.A.R.E.A and  learned of the Renewable Energy Festival, which I was very interested  in attending.  When the festival was nearing, I read about it online  and then learned of the raffle for a Toyota Prius.

I have always wanted a hybrid car, ever since the technology became  available.  In the weeks before learning of the raffle, references to  a Toyota Prius kept cropping up in strange ways: I would suddenly  notice them on the road, or see them in the parking lot right next to  me, or people would ask me what my dream car was and I would tell them  "a Toyota Prius".  With all of this, I felt incredibly drawn to enter  the raffle despite typically being one who usually doesn't bother.  I  bought three tickets online.

I was unfortunately unable to attend the festival after all, due to  being out of  town, but when I returned Sunday night, I noticed the  raffle ticket nudged in my door with a phone number on the back.   Needless to say, I was ecstatic!  I thought it would be at least 5-10  years before I could afford to get a Prius, but now I don't have to  wait!

As someone who makes an effort to be green whenever possible, I am  truly grateful for this opportunity to live in accordance with my  principles when my budget wouldn't always allow it.  Thank you from  the bottom of my heart."

As I mentioned on the phone, any evening after 5pm would be best for  me to pick up the car.  I am available every night this week except  Thursday.

Hope to be in touch soon, and once again... I really can't thank you  and the M.A.R.E.A. enough...

Deepest Regards,