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Last Update: 9-12-11

Contact Anna Digate at [paenergyfestivalart@gmail.com] for information about Arts and Entertainment at this year's EnergyFest.

A Note of Appreciation!
We thank Air Products and Kutztown University for their generosity in sponsoring tents for the students’ activities. Thanks to Bullfrog Films’ continued support by providing numerous films for our Festival Visitors. We sincerely appreciate the extensive time and effort provided by each of the individual participants and the organizations that they represent.

Demonstrations, Exhibits, and Markets. Throughout the day, there will be exciting demonstrations, exhibits and markets worthy of your investigation. Experts are available to discuss a wide variety of topics with you…everything from renewable energy and green buildings to sustainable living and agriculture, and more. Make the most of this great opportunity!

Bob Swaim the Bicycle Man [MORE INFO]
Don’t miss Bob Swaim the bicycle man. Take a ride with Bob through the history of bicycles and see dozens of bicycles from the past, present and future. Explore the relation of human powered vehicles to health, history, engineering, environment, diversity and team building. He will amaze you with juggling and magic tricks. Join Bob on the seven person bicycle and take a ride around the festival grounds.
Bob has nearly 200 bikes in his collection which includes several tandems, as well as three, four, and five-passenger bikes, and a 400-pound seven-passenger tricycle known as the “Conference Bike” that was recently featured on the local PBS series Tempo.
This year Bob has some new additions which include a woodbike and a lovebike. The woodbike is made from a combination of woods where the trees were conserved by a custom
furniture maker in California. Yes, it can be rode like a real bicycle. The wood seat is more
comfortable than a regular bicycle seat. He will also have the famous Quintette, which there are only 10 in the world. Human powered vehicles save energy and make us healthy too!

Sustainable Living Roadshow [www.sustainablelivingroadshow.org]
A caravan of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. Visiting k-12 schools, university campuses and community festivals across the United States, the caravan sets up off-the-grid eco-carnivals with experiential learning villages, featuring workshops, speakers, and entertainment.


Located near the Farmer's Market. Check at the festival for times
No Cook- Cooking Demo with Internationally recognized Eco-Lifestylist
and Holistic Chef Dorothy Salvatori.

Certified as a Raw Vegan Chef, and Educator through the Living Light Culinary Arts School in Fort Bragg, California, Dorothy "Raw Chef Dosa" Salvatori, is an internationally recognized Holistic Coach Holistic & Sustainable Living Consultant for The Natural Beauty and Organic Products Industries.

One of Dorothy's greats joys is in her work with Ecological Learning Center Genesis Farm: http://www.geneisfarm,org serving up culinary delights for all types of specialty needs and diets,
Dorothy is a Graduate of Rutger's University and a student of Naturopathic Medicine. Dorothy is available for Lectures, Demos, Workshops & Retreats.
For more information contact Dorothy at dorothysalvatori@live.com

(Located at the Children's Area)
* Make spin art with a bike * recycling relay * friendship bracelets made with raffia *
* guess the amount in the jar win a book * papermaking * hoola hooping/make your own! *
*sack races * ball toss * Activities for everyone. Check out what else shows up.

Got sun? We all do! And that is the great thing about solar cooking-we can all do it. See different examples of solar cookers at work. Learn about the benefits to ourselves and our planet by cooking with the sun. In many countries, wood is needed to burn to be able to cook food. This not only de-pletes their trees, it also leaves them exposed to smoke while cooking with fire. For millions of people who lack access to safe drinking water and become sick or die each year from preventable waterborne illnesses, solar water pasteurization is a life-saving skill.
Using a solar oven can be a creative, relaxing, edu-cational and just a fun way to eat! It takes slow cooking to a new level. Cook full meals while playing on the beach, while reading a book, camping even at work.
We hope you will stop by and see what’s cookin’!
2 cookers will be raffled. See the MAREA booth

The plastic gyre, or big swirling-tornado like thing, in the Pacific Ocean is just one of many plastic landfills in our oceans. Plastics not only effect the marine environment of the oceans but also our local waterways that are used for our drinking water.
Water bottles make up the majority of this waste, not to mention that the water bottle companies are tapping into our water sources.
See the bag monster in person helping us to remember to use reusable bags and/or not even taking a bag. Where do all of those plastic bags in boxes at the grocery store go to? Find this out.
Learn about the history of plastic in our consumer world.
Also on display, art made with single use plastic.

Crochet plastic grocery bags into stylish carrying/handbags with Renee
Stop by Fri/Sun 11am & 1pm, Sat 11am, 1 pm & 3pm plastic bags provided.
Just bring your imagination.

Hoop making/hooping with Maggie and friends
Sat/Sun 10am -3pm – supplies available

Miss Maggie [www.missmaggiesings.com]
Miss Maggie joins us again this year to share her message of respecting the earth, recycling, the importance of renewable energy, nature and more. Singing, guitar, percussion, poems and stories along with her puppet friends will entertain and teach children of all ages (adults welcome)

A Kutztown University graduate, Peggy has a B.F.A. in Related Arts (theater, music, movement and literature). She studied children’s theater and street theater with Bill George of Touchstone (formerly People’s Theatre Co.), in Bethlehem, PA. Peggy also studied the Meisner Acting Technique at Gately Poole in NYC, movement with The Actor’s Movement Studio in NYC, and musical theater/cabaret with Elizabeth Hodes at Herbert Berghof Studio in NYC.
Hawk Mountain [www.hawkmountain.org]
MIgration and Fall Events Presentation (LIVE BIRDS!)
The mission of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association is to conserve birds of prey worldwide by providing leadership in raptor conservation science and education, and by maintaining Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as a model observation, research and education facility.
Joe Judge
Joe joins us again for a solar cooking demonstration. This year he give a presentation
about composting. Joe has been a Master Gardener since 1996.
Sara Moore [www.ju-jumonkey.com]
Sara will share just how simple it is to use cloth diapers and the "green
Movement” (no pun intended) when it comes to our little ones. http://www.ju-jumonkey.com/

Clayote [www.clayote.net]
Learn about the natural properties of clay. Clay will be available to mold and model into your own creation. Experience throwing clay on a wheel to make something uniquely yours. The item will be fired and glazed at the studio for a fee of $15.00. Register online to throw clay or sign up at the Clayote booth. ALL AGES!!

Bullfrog Films [www.bullfrogfilms.com]
Over the last 31 years, Bullfrog Films has become the leading U.S. publisher of independently produced, environmental videos, that point the way to living healthily, happy, and with greater concern for the other inhabitants of this planet, and for our decendants. The films will be shown on the main stage area.
Friday, September 16th
10:00 AM  

Split Estate - Documents the devastating effect that oil and gas drilling is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West. 76 minutes – Gr. 10-Adults
  Burning in the Sun (Short Version) - An inspirational portrait of a young West African man who starts a business building solar panels from scratch and selling them to rural customers in Mali. 22 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults MORE

Dirty Business: “Clean Coal” and the Battle for Our Energy Future - Reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and looks at promising developments in renewable energy technology.
60 minutes
– Gr. 8-Adults

Addicted to Plastic - Reveals the history and worldwide scope of plastics pollution, investigates its toxicity and explores solutions.
52 minutes – Gr. 7 – Adults

An Ecology of Mind - A film portrait of Gregory Bateson, one of the most influential environmental thinkers, by his daughter Nora Bateson.
60 minutes – Gr. 8 – Adults

Water on the Table - An intimate portrait of international water activist Maude Barlow and the debate over whether water is a commercial good or a human right. 56 minutes – Gr. 8 – Adults

Butterflies and Bulldozers - Tells the story of the fight to save San Bruno Mountain, a rare fragment of wild San Francisco and the largest undeveloped urban area in the country. 60 minutes – Gr. 8 – Adults

Saturday, September 17th
10:00 AM  

Burning in the Sun - An inspirational portrait of a young West African man who starts a business building solar panels from scratch and selling them to rural customers in Mali. 83 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults

Tapped - An unflinching examination of the big business of bottled water.
75 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults
  kids + money - Money talks. Teens in Los Angeles discuss money: getting it, spending it and learning to live without it. 33 minutes – Gr. 4-Adults MORE

Play Again - What are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature? Six screen-addicted teens take their first wilderness adventure.
53 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults

An Ecology of Mind - A film portrait of Gregory Bateson, one of the most influential environmental thinkers, by his daughter Nora Bateson.
60 minutes – Gr. 8 – Adults

Sunday, September 18th
10:00 AM  

SoLa: Louisiana Water Stories - Investigates how the exploitation of Southern Louisiana's abundant natural resources compromised the resiliency of its ecology and culture, multiplying the devastating impact of the BP oil spill and Hurricane Katrina. 60 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults

Frack! tells the story of the unconventional gas-drilling ("fracking") frenzy sweeping the Marcellus region, including the Catskills and Upper Delaware River watershed, threatening pristine areas which provide clean drinking water for over 15 million people. Without a massive public outcry, once idyllic rural landscapes could become toxic industrial wastelands, and New York State a gas extraction colony. 72 minutes – Gr. 10-Adults
  Burning in the Sun (Short Version) - An inspirational portrait of a young West African man who starts a business building solar panels from scratch and selling them to rural customers in Mali. 22 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults MORE

Dirty Business: “Clean Coal” and the Battle for Our Energy Future - Reveals the true social and environmental costs of coal power and looks at promising developments in renewable energy technology.
60 minutes
– Gr. 8-Adults

Water on the Table - An intimate portrait of international water activist Maude Barlow and the debate over whether water is a commercial good or a human right. 56 minutes – Gr. 8 – Adults

The Suzuki Diaries: Sustainability in Action - David Suzuki and daughter Sarika travel to Europe to visit inspiring people and projects that give hope for a sustainable future. 45 minutes – Gr. 7-Adults

Music & Entertainment
The Fallen Troubadours
"If the most influential bands of the 1960s were liquefied and thrown into a bucket, The Fallen Troubadours would be the sponge thrown in, rung out and used to wash over modern music".-Brenda Hillegas, Origivation Magazine. http://www.myspace.com/thefallentroubadours

Amy & the Re - Treads
An exciting fiddle player, will be joined by guitar player John playing a wide variety of music, from fiddle tunes to Beatles and Joni Mitchell.

Matthew O’Neill
Versatile and singular guitar style, melds elements as varied as virtuosic finger-picking, Old Time grooves, classic indie rock riffs, and world music rhythms such as Colombian cumbia http://matthewoneill.bandcamp.com/

Jim Seger & the Jasper Springs Band
Jim creates music on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, hammered dulcimer, lap steel, and world percussion with the help of his band. http://www.jimsteager.com
Catch Jim playing the hammered dulcimer at the food court Saturday afternoon at 12:45.

Tom Post
Unvarnished, Wholegrain, Acoustic Folk Rock Lounge Eclectic Spirit Soul Mix Stuff ... Acoustic guitar and vocals ... maybe a story or two thrown in. http://www.tompostjr.com

The Wallace Brothers

The unofficial PA Energy Fest band. This trio plays country, rock and everything in between-featuring guitar, drums, and pedal steel guitar. http://www.myspace.com/thewallacebrothers

Rubie Green

Her musical performance is soulful and upbeat with a bluesy-jazzy delivery.
Christy Allen & Andy Warren-Great jazz standards will be performed by virtuoso guitarist Andy Warren and emerging vocalist, Christy Allen, you won't want to miss this duo!

The Wittchen Initiative

With a singer, two concert harpists, and a tuba player, the Wittchen Initiative is an unusual combination however it works beautifully, as you will hear. http://www.thewittcheninitiative.com/

Matthew O'Neill
Matthew O'Neill plays uniquely energized contemporary mountain music and electric old time stomp rock. His songs open up to the wild, and feature a very unique blend of songwriting talent, artistic temperament, and instrumental ability. http://www.myspace.com/matthewoneill

Daylen & The Drop D
16 year old original singer/songwriters just trying to get heard in this vast world of music.
I hope you listen and enjoy what we do and you pass it around to your friends. They will also perform acoustically Saturday in the food vendor area http://www.reverbnation.com/daylen
MUSIC at the main stage
Hoe Down
Local musician and caller Keith Britzenhoff and The Toad Creek Ramblers. This group perpetuate old time musical traditions. Playing a variety of instruments, including fiddle, banjo, guitar, autoharp, and bass and specialize in old-timey, folk, country, gospel, bluegrass and hoedown music, this group will have you on your feet in no time. Dance the night away. All are welcome! Beginners to experts. http://www.toadcreekmusic.com/
Saturday 5:30 Tavern Tan (And a few other acts)
Tavern Tan is an original, powerful take that used to be heard in taprooms and taverns where listeners can get down with some good roots, blues, honky tonk, country, R&B, pop, and plain ol' good rock n' roll! Based in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, Tavern Tan has experienced members that have played in Memphis TN at Sun Re-cords, and opening for various performers like Neville Bros, Van Morrison, John Lee Hooker (R.I.P.), and R.L. Burnside (R.I.P.) This is the sound of original roots rock n' roll. http://www.taverntan.com
Food Vendors

We are very proud to have gathered some of the best vendors in the Mid Atlantic Area. There are options for everyone. Our vendors have been asked to serve their food on ONLY biodegradable – compostable products (plates, utensils and cups). Please do not put your waste wares in the recyclable container…..it is NOT plastic. All flatware and uneaten food is compostable.

Albany Township Historical Society – Home made waffles and ice cream, hand dipped Ice cream and milkshakes and floats. Ice cream is from a local dairy.

Balasia – Local Organic Vegetables….Global flavor! Real Food. Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten free. Taste of India, Quinoe pesto, West African peanut soup, spicy tofu with kale, vegan brownies and whoopie pies. New this year…..raw dishes.

Forno Inferno – Wood fired brick oven pizza – True artisan style pizza infused with a flavor all its own!

C.C. Wooden Grill – Pulled Pork Sandwich, Ribs and Sirloin Sandwich. The meat is from a local butcher.

KCRC – French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Fried Veggies, Chicken Fingers, Fish Sandwiches

Good Eatz – Wraps, salads, falafel, vegan BBQ, gluten free and vegan desserts, and organic iced teas….using many local organic ingredients.

Global Libations – Locally roasted Hot and Iced Coffee, Espresso, Chai Tea and assorted teas to drink now. Whole Bean Coffee and teas for take home. Fair Trade.

The Good Life Café - Curry chicken salad wrap, roasted red pepper hummus, and regular hummus wraps. All ingredients are locally from locally grown.

Informed Foods - Sambazon Acai Frozen Smoothies

Island Cow – All the way from Maine – Organic Ice cream and Baked Goodies! And yes…..All his cows have names!

Kempton Community Center – Breakfast Items, Burgers, Hot dogs, Baked Potatoes, Steak Sandwiches, Baked Goods, Tossed Salads, Drinks, Fruit Salad, Home made soups – Help support the grounds you are walking on that support this festival

Mama & the Poppers – Kettle corn. The FEW ingredients are local.

Nancy's – Mediterranean Food - Spinach Pies, Veggie Stir Fry, Hummus, Turkey Pies, and fresh fruit smoothies.

Penn Werner Hotel – Jambalaya, Turkey and Pork BBQ, Jerk and Thai Chicken, Noodles w/ Peanut Sauce, Cheese and Chicken Quesadillas, Sausage Sandwiches, and French Fries.

Island Noodles – Freshly made Hawaiian Style Wok-Fried Yaki-Soba Noodles made with buckwheat, traditionally served in Hawaii. Stir-fried with fresh garlic, fresh ginger, a medley of 21 fresh vegetables.

Thai Palace – Wraps! - Curry Rice and grilled chicken, Summer Roll Wrap and Seasoned Veggie and Tofu Wrap, Fresh Fruit and Thai Iced Tea.

Dia Doce - Gourmet cupcakes. We carefully prepare and bake our gourmet cupcakes from scratch every day. Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, and we aim to buy our ingredients from as many local suppliers as possible.

Thanks for doing your part in helping to make this a Zero waste festival by Composting and Recycling!!!!

Visit our Farmers Market sponsored by PASA “The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture” for fresh locally grown produce and foods.

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Farmers' Market

Farmers Market
Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)

Join the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) in supporting regional growers at the Farmers Market during the 2011 Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival. Bring your coolers and your market bags to purchase a variety of products including soaps & personal care items; pasture-raised meats, eggs & cheeses; seasonal apples and cider; fall vegetables; breads, baked goods & honey; in addition to a great selection of native plants and much more! As of press date the following vendors will be participating in the market, please be sure to stop by at the festival!

Billy Templeton, Member Services Assistant
PO Box 419, Millheim, PA 16854
PASA in a nonprofit, member-based organization working with family farmers and consumers to improve the economic and social prosperity of Pennsylvania farms, food and agriculture.

Aaron Burkholder -Burkholder's Organic Produce
460 Bowers Rd
Kutztown, PA 19530
Certified organic, locally grown produce. Baked goods and canned goods.

BAD Farm – PASA Member (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

86 Wieder Road,
Kempton, PA 19529
We are a family owned and operating dairy farm in Kempton, with a PA state RAW MILK Permit. We are currently milking 90 head of Holsteins, 150 cage free laying hens and 25 steers. Our own milk is used to make aged raw milk cheese that is aged a minimum of 60 days along with fresh mozzarella, marinated mozzarella and a huge variety of cream cheese based dips/spreads. We have a 24/7 Self Service business on our farm where you can purchase Raw Milk (in prejugged gallons, 1/2 gallons and pints) Aged Cheese, Dips/Spreads, Cage Free brown eggs. Starting the end of Oct we will also have cuts of beef available. We also have homemade lip balms and soaps.

Brushwood Farm – PASA Member (Sunday)

3775 A Powell’s Valley Road
Halifax, Dauphin County
At Brushwood Farm we raise heritage poultry, bees and Shiitake mushroom, as well as making goats’ milk soap. The goats’ milk, lard and tallow used in the soaps come from other small central PA farms - the honey and beeswax comes from our own hives. Visit us on Saturday at the festival.

Edge of the Woods Native Plants Nursery, LLC – PASA Member
(Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

2415 Route 100
Orefield, PA
Join us at the festival on Friday, Saturday & Sunday we are a retail native plant nursery specializing in plants native to the mid-Atlantic region. Stop by to browse our great selection of native species of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, wildflowers and ferns. Native plants are critical to a healthy, functioning ecosystem. We also offer design and consultation services.

Jeff Zehr - The Seed Farm
4184 Dorney Park Road, Suite 107
Allentown, PA 18104

610-391-9583 ext 15
The Seed Farm is Lehigh County's new farmer training and sustainable agriculture business incubator. Seed Farm apprentices grow and market organic vegetables.
We will have a small display and information table at the MAREA Festival. We are also planning to sell Seed Farm t-shirts as a fundraiser at the festival.

Lancaster Trading House, Inc. PASA Member (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

714 Manor St
Columbia, PA 17512
Anticipating growing hemp in Pennsylvania & contracting with regional, local farmers, presently we'll offer Hempzel pretzels, Hempzels Mustard, soft & sourdough pretzels, whole hemp seed, raw hemp seed, maybe hemp oil, Hempzel hemp T-shirts - educational items & more.

Mountaindale Farms – PASA Member (Saturday & Sunday)
RR 5 Box 5373
East Stroudsburg, PA
Mountaindale Farm is a three-generation farm committed to providing safe and nutritious, sustainable grown food to the local community without compromising the natural environment. We primarily grow garlic and are known for our Garple Elixir.

Pure Sprouts Organic Delivery ¬¬– PASA Member (Saturday & Sunday)
1051 Sparrow Way
Breinigsville, PA 18031
Pure Sprouts is a local and organic food delivery service. We purchase any local and sustainable products we can find including organic produce, meats, dairy products, tofu, and cheeses. We also purchase certified organic produce from elsewhere if it is not grown locally.

Rainbow Farm – PASA Member (Saturday)
6707 Scholler Road
New Tripoli, PA
At Rainbow Farm we raise non certified organic pork, beef and chicken on pasture in the sunshine as God intended. We fell it is beyond organic! We offer meats by the pound or bulk.

Ridge Valley Farm – PASA Member (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
284 Camp Green Lane Rd
Green Lane, PA 18054
We have been producing maple syrup on our 30-acre farm for 10 years. Products that will be available: syrup in gallon, half gallon, quart, pint & half pint plastic container. Maple coated walnuts & pecans, maple granola, maple snack, maple breakfast cakes.

Sugarbush Nursery PASA Member – (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
4272 Morgantown Rd.
Mohnton, PA 19540
We grow and/or care for all of our plants using only organic methods and controls. We offer a wide variety of PA native plants, including perennials, shrubs, trees, grasses and vines, and also carry a full line of organic gardening products.

Two Gander Farm & Apiaries – PASA Member (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
75 Orchard Road
Fleetwood, PA 19522
Two Gander Farm is a sustainable chemical free farm and apiary with an emphasis on storage vegetables and chemical free honey. At the festival we will be offering raw and local honey, seed garlic, sweet potatoes and other storage vegetables. We will also be promoting our winter community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Wholesome Dairy – PASA Member (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
136 Camp Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Wholesome Dairy Farm produces raw milk from pasture grazed Ayrshire cows. We at Wholesome Dairy are serving the local population by providing delicious, healthy raw milk, cheese, curd, yogurt, Kefir and other goods.

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